ToeHook - The Revolutionary Hook for Hockey Goalie Pads



Brand: ToeHook

Package Dimensions: 17x162x70

Details: Throw away those laces! Toe Hook is a durable, easy-to-use, easy-to-install toe tie system that fits nicely on most pads and can be secured on any make of goal skates. Most Junior goalies will find that the system is easy to use, and Senior goalies will find less hip and back strain while using and attaching this system! No more inconsistent, messy laces to contend with. Toe Hook also provides the same fit each time you put it on. * Works with most pads and all skate models * Uses 14-guage stainless steel to resist bending, with Heavy Duty tie wraps and elastic cord for durability * Elastic stretches up to 3.5 inches – great for butterfly or standup goalies * Package includes 2 Toe Hooks, 4 elastic extensions, assorted screws, ties and instructions.

UPC: 628586784529