Juvale 2-Pack Rubber Reaction Bounce Balls for Hand-Eye Coordination, Agility & Speed Reflex Training



Brand: Juvale

Color: Yellow, Blue


  • REACTION AGILITY BALL: Made of durable and high-density rubber and consist of a six-hemisphere design, these reaction balls create dynamic and unpredictable bounces. Works against all hard surfaces or walls and can be used as a fun way to improve technique in drills and training exercises.
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK: Get a better analysis of your players engagement with the ball as you receive instant feedback on the their reaction time.
  • VOLLEY ABILITIES: Easily volley the reaction ball between players or rebound against the wall for independent training as these balls work great against any hard wall or surface.
  • PICK UP THE PACE: With these balls learn to master the basics, which helps in mastering the game.
  • IMPROVE REFLEXES: These reaction balls are ideal for sharpening your hand-eye coordination and can be used as a rehab and exercise tool.

Package Dimensions: 51x69x227

Details: This set of 2 pieces yellow and blue reaction balls are uniquely designed to help improve your skill, coordination and ability. The soccer agility ball allows you to pick up your current pace, while improving reflexes and providing you with instant feedback of what’s great and what you need to work on. The two-piece pack of reaction balls are easy to see and use helping you improve your skills while having fun. By investing in sporting equipment, you are investing in your athletic and training goals.

UPC: 843128185644